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In a surprising development, has added trackbacks for weblog posts that link to papers. Ars Math links to a lot of arxiv abstracts, so this is good for us, but I’m curious what uses people will put this to. Will authors obsessively check their abstracts to find out what people are saying about them? Will no one care? Will the whole thing be destroyed by spammers?

Via Crooked Timber (which was via Cosmic Variance).

3 thoughts on “Arxiv trackbacks

  1. Don’t worry about spam. I think the people who post physics blogs know about trackbacks, but I think it will take more time for other people to notice.

  2. As far as I am concerned, in order to do a trackback to a blog, it must be properly registered in the arxiv database, though nobody seem to have a clue on how to appear in the list as a “serious blog”. This should easily get rid of spam, but it’ll make it harder to get track-backed unless you’re a famous enough blogger…
    There was also a post on this matter in
    Not even wrong

  3. As soon as I have a something substantive to say about an article on Arxiv, I’m going to give it a try. I’m hoping that they will interpret “serious blog” generously. Otherwise, it would be very disappointing.

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