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Eric Schechter’s Handbook of Analysis and Its Foundations has a cool quote from constructivist mathematician Errett Bishop:

Mathematics belongs to man, not to God. We are not interested in properties of the positive integers that have no descriptive meaning for finite man. When a man proves a positive integer to exist, he should show how to find it. If God has mathematics of his own that needs to be done, let him do it himself.

5 thoughts on “Bishop quote

  1. For some reason this guy strikes me as someone who’s really into Ayn Rand.

    Have you noticed any correlation between constructivists and objectivists?

  2. Not one to let an unsubstantiated comment stand I googled the four queries:

    objectivism constructivism “home page”
    objectivism -constructivism “home page”
    -objectivism constructivism “home page”
    -objectivism -constructivism “home page”

    to find the number of home pages of people professing either ideology.

    I then constructed the table of number of occurences of these two words:

    653 87,400
    177,000 1,1760,000,000

    A chi-squared test shows this to be off the scale for significance. So there is, indeed, a correlation.


  3. I did the same search as sigfpe, but it looks like Randians are contrasting constructivism to objectivism. (I guess they mean constructivism in the sense of “reality is social constructed”.)

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