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  1. It’s not complete crap. Cao and Zhu are claiming to have come up with a complete proof of both Poincare and Geometrization, based on Perelman’s outline. It has been vetted by Yau and is supposed to appear in this month’s issue of the Asian Journal of Mathematics. The pdf file for the paper is not online there yet, and I don’t know of anyone who has a copy (if someone knows where a copy can be found, let me know).

    As far as I know, many of the experts in this subject have not yet seen the paper or had a chance to go through it.


  2. I guess my question is, was Perelman’s proof determined to be lacking, and thus just an outline?

  3. I thought Perelman intended his papers as just an outline, and not as a complete proof.

  4. Perelman’s proof is just a sketch, and not complete (and apparently he has no plans to make it complete).

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