American Institute of Mathematics clones Alhambra

I see via Peter Woit that the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM), an independent mathematics research institute in Silicon Valley, is going to get a permanent in the form of a new $50 million dollar building modeled after Alhambra, a medieval Moorish castle in Grenada, Spain. AIM was cofounded by John Fry, the chief executive of Fry’s Electronics. (If you’ve never shopped at Fry’s, it’s like Home Depot for computers. They display computer parts the way a hardware store displays nails.)

2 thoughts on “American Institute of Mathematics clones Alhambra

  1. I looked at the story and was more intrigued by the “nonfunctioning hotel” that previously occupied the site. Not sure what a thing could be, I googled on the phrase “nonfunctioning hotel” and got 4 hits – all referring to the same hotel. So whatever is meant by “nonfunctioning hotel”, it looks like there may only be one of them in existence. Seems a pity to demolish such a rare thing in order to make a copy of another building.

  2. You made me curious, so I looked for news about what happened to the “nonfunctioning hotel”. It sounds like their main business was a restaurant, the Flying Lady, that went out of business from earthquake damage. The whole story is told in two articles: here and here.

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