Confessions of a Pluto-hating fiend

The enterprising citizen-journalists affiliated with the Huffington Post have discovered the truth about me: I am a Pluto-hating fiend. First we remove it from the list of planets, next we remove it from the sky altogether…

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pluto-hating fiend

  1. I look foward to getting to know Pluto once New Horizons arrives there and sends back data! I just don’t think Pluto is a planet. As I see it, the point is: a place need not be a planet to be interesting.

    I thought for quite a while that all the “agonizing” in the popular press over the redesignation was just the usual “slow news day” nonsense. I was amazed to discover that many laypersons apparently really do feel strong emotions on this issue.

    Gee, this is only my third blog post EVER and already I see warnings that posting in science-related blogs can lead to being put on a politically inspired “enemies list”. (sigfpe, you probably thought you were kidding, but my experience is that some laypersons just can’t keep separate political from scientific discourse.) Should I quit before I get in any deeper?

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