Navier-Stokes Problem Solved?

Penny Smith has posted a preprint to arXiv, Immortal Smooth Solution of the Three Space Dimensional Navier-Stokes System that, if correct, would solve one of the Clay Institute’s Millenium Problems. Christina Sormani has created detailed summary of Smith’s work on PDEs and Navier-Stokes.

The Navier-Stokes equation is a set of equations that describe fluid flow in Newtonian mechanics. The equations are notoriously difficult to analyze. The existence of smooth solutions for all time (the meaning of “immortal” in the paper title) has long been an open question. One now perhaps closed.

Via Peter Woit.

Update. The paper has been withdrawn. (Via John Baez in the comments.)

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  2. I updated the post accordingly.

    Euler’s point about the theorem apparently applying to Burger’s equation was a good one, but I didn’t check the preprint to see if it was really right.

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