9 thoughts on “Mathwear

  1. Cool! But they need some better consultants.

    Writing Maxwell’s equations and saying “Let there be light” – good. Writing them the old-fashioned way as four separate equations instead of using differential forms to write simply

    *d*dA = J

    – less good. Writing them in the form suitable for condensed matter physics, with D and H fields as well as E and B – worse.

    A T-shirt with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle on it – good. A T-shirt with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle on it together with a snip of the Sistine Chapel and the words “FREE WILL” – less good. (Quantum mechanics is not needed for free will.)

    “If you consider the set of all sets that have never been considered, will it disappear?” Cute, but silly: for one thing, considering this set does not mean you considered all (or even any) of its elements. Why not do a real Russell’s paradox T-shirt?

    And so on. We need some serious math T-shirt designers.

    My favorite so far is from Cafe Pi.

  2. Thanks a lot guys! Now, before every christmas and every birthday, I’m going to worry that some well-meaning, but non-mathematical relative will get me something I’ll be too embarrassed to show in public … oh … nevermind.

  3. I have to admit that in terms of visual aesthetics, the classical Maxwell equations look better than the differential form version.

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