Perelman-Tian-Yau Star On Wikipedia

When I was writing the year in review post, I did a quick websearch to refresh my memory on the Perelman-Yau story. (Reading about it I found the idea that the big story of 2006 was a public personality conflict between prominent mathematicians was too depressing to contemplate, so I ended up skipping the details.)

Wikipedia has two incredibly detailed articles about the subject. One provides a summary of Manifold Destiny, even going so far as to list every interviewee. The other describes the war of words between Yau and Gang Tian waged in Chinese newspapers and on the web. The story is not all that interesting, but references to it appear from time to time.

One twist in the story reported by Wikipedia that’s new to me is that Sujit Nair discovered a section in the Cao-Zhu proof of the Geometrization Conjecture that duplicated some results in Kleiner and Lott’s manuscript. Cao and Zhu issued an erratum acknowledging the duplication.

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