The End is Nigh

This is somewhat off-topic for this site, but considering its importance, I thought it was important to post it.

The novel Snowcrash is a dystopian cyberpunk future where civil society has completely shattered and everyone lives in storage sheds. And it’s coming true. My advice? Buy shotgun shells and head for the hills.

In the novel, the Federal government (which no longer has any power, and survives as a contracting agency for large projects in need of bureaucrats) sends forms to its employees via computer that employees must read and fill out. The employees know that if they do it too quickly, they will get in trouble for not following the form closely enough, in which case they will be in violation of the law. Professors at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (including a math professor, Marvin Zemin) are in this exact situation. And when I read the novel, this stuck in my mind because it was so implausible…

(Story spotted on Uncetain Principles.)

One thought on “The End is Nigh

  1. What a badly written story. You have to read through more than a dozen paragraphs before it mentions the fact that they thought the guy had cheated. Otherwise it just seems like someone failed to commiunicate a pointless minimum time for the test.

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