Srednicki on Quantum Field Theory

Mark Srednicki has written a new textbook on quantum field theory. The final version is not available electronically, but a prepublication draft is.

It’s common for authors to take down the manuscript when the book is published, so it’s nice to see it when an author bucks the trend. Srednicki adopts a reasonable compromise in keeping the final-but-one version available on his site (he warns “This draft contains numerous errors (mostly minor) that are corrected in the published version”).

3 thoughts on “Srednicki on Quantum Field Theory

  1. Thanks! I think everyone should follow Srednicki’s example and make their textbooks available electronically for free. Unless it’s a best-selling calculus text or something like that, the author never makes much money off it anyway.

    Even better, Srednicki should follow Warren Siegel’s example. Siegel put his quantum field theory textbook on the arXiv, along with his book on string field theory! Someday we’ll all die, and who knows what will happen to our websites – but the arXiv is likely to survive for quite a while.

  2. While I love arxiv more than I love life itself, I’m not really clear how its run or what its policies are, so I don’t know what sort of faith to put in it.

  3. Srednicki’s “compromise” is a self-serving advertisement for his book. Posting an error-ridden draft is not much of a scholarly contribution. I respect people who leave the finished book online, but this is just a publicity stunt. Anyone who deliberately leaves incorrect drafts online is a jerk (in my head I’m using much stronger language).

    I admit I don’t know how many errors the draft on his web site contains, but judging by the list of errata for the published book, he makes surprisingly many minor errors.

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