Comment Registration Requirement Disabled

I’ve gotten complaints recently about Ars Math’s comment registration system, so as an experiment, I’ve enabled users to post comments without registering. Here’s hoping that I get to spent part of the next 24 hours not deleting spam…

9 thoughts on “Comment Registration Requirement Disabled

  1. There have been several instance where I’ve wanted to comment on something here but have been stopped by not wanting to deal with registration. So thanks.

  2. Assuming that spam does become a problem, couldn’t you use one of those Captcha code things instead – typing in a code from an image is less of a hassle than having to look up yet another username/password combo each time you get the urge to comment.

  3. I’d like to 2nd Steve M.’s comment. I’m pretty sure WordPress offers an “officially for WP” captcha-code widget or add-in or something via the dashboard(?). Over in Blogger (vile though we be) we have “comment moderation” as an option – this helps discourage what spam the captcha doesn’t catch.

    Best of luck. I enjoy your musings even though I don’t understand most of them.

  4. You should use Akismet, a popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It completely stopped comment spam in my blog.

  5. I use a simple captcha on my own WordPress blog and I’ve seen no spam since. I never mind typing them in, either.

  6. Good move! I’ve often wanted to post comments, but won’t even do free registrations to get the New York Times.

    Instead, I’ve commened at Good Math Bad Math; Not Even Wrong; n-category cafe; and other such sites.

    And posted over 1,700 times at the Online Encycloipedia of Integer Sequences; MathWorld; Prime Curios; and the like.

    Hope this experiment works. If so, I’ll drop by now and then to delurk.


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  7. I had no idea those were called captchas. I’ve heard the term, but I had no idea what it meant.

    Akismet has worked pretty well so far. Only a few spams have gotten through since then.

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