Colbert Report and Spam

According to Steven Colbert on tonight’s Colbert Report, equations are the devil’s sentences. For the past couple of days, this site has been under relentless spam attack (the spam has been showing up in older posts, so no one sees them but me). Clearly, these two events are related.

Open threads?

I thought as an experiment I would put up an open thread. Feel free to discuss the hardness of math, or whatever else is on your mind.

Back online?

Last week’s claim to be back online turned out to be greatly exaggerated. I think I really am back online this time, though.

Arxiv trackbacks

In a surprising development, has added trackbacks for weblog posts that link to papers. Ars Math links to a lot of arxiv abstracts, so this is good for us, but I’m curious what uses people will put this to. Will authors obsessively check their abstracts to find out what people are saying about them? Will no one care? Will the whole thing be destroyed by spammers?

Via Crooked Timber (which was via Cosmic Variance).

Back online

I’m back online, finally. (Though my e-mail is tragically now broken — I can’t reply to any mail. Teach me to ever go offline.) I would like to thank sigfpe for helping out in my absence.


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